Top 5 Animation News of 2020 | AniMat’s Crazy Cartoon Cast Ep. 137

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UPDATE: I just want to apologize at the #1 spot when my groove suddenly became off and I lost connection with the Chat Wall. Turns out that there was a technical difficulty that wasn't my fault. Twitch had a massive bug where the stream could play, but all other functionalities were off. And of course it had to happen at the end of my stream -_- Anyways, the show had to still go on and, again, I'm sorry if I seemed off during the last story.

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There have been some other crazy things that happened in the animation world this year other than a global pandemic

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Today’s episode includes:
• 4:45 5. Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical
• 28:30 4. The Most Competitive Award Season for Best Animated Feature
• 44:39 3. Sony Buys Crunchyroll
• 1:02:10 2. The Mass Movie Exodus
• 1:26:53 1. Trolls Home Tour





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