Top 10 Most Epic Sword Fight Moments in Anime

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Swordfight creates an opportunity for choreography that hands to hands or gunfights don’t. There are variety of sword fighting technique in anime, some can be traditional and some of them have some sort of power which make them unique in so many different ways. Here are the top 10 most epic sword fight in anime

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anime names:-

00:34 Mika vs demon company- Seraph of the end
01:19 Leon vs Alfonso- GARO: Carved Seal of Flames
02:16 Ichigo vs Byakuya - bleach
03:44 Akame vs esdeath- Akame ga kill
04:17 Yato vs Rabo- noragami
04:58 Ikki vs Todo- Chivalry of a Failed Knight
06:00 Hyakimaru vs tahomaru- dororo
06:46 Zenitsu vs spider- Demon slayer
07:42 Gintoki vs takasugi- Gintama
08:40 Saber Alter vs Rider - fate stay night heaven feel III. Spring Song

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