Top 10 BEST Magic/Fantasy Anime with Super Strong/Overpowered Mc [HD]

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Magic is cool, but what’s good if the main character is still in the learning phase and cannot cast any magic spells at all? Well, don’t worry because today I’m bringing ten magic fantasy anime where the main character excels in magic and can take down opponents within seconds.
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Thumbnail Sauce: Tokyo Xanadu ( Edited By )
Musaigen No Phantom World - 00:40
Broken Blade TV - 01:32
Record of Grancrest War - 02:27
Fairy Tail Series - 03:23
Tales of The Abyss - 04:14
Tokyo Ravens - 05:07
Wise Man’s Grandchild - 06:05
Fate Apocrypha - 06:59
Magi Labyrinth of Magic - 07:50
Irregular At Magic Highschool - 08:43
Also, I try not to include any mainstream or shonen anime to keep the recommendations fresh, but if any are added in there so be it!!!
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