The Imposters' True Love - The Fight! (Among Us Comic Dub)

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Black interrupts White in the middle of his sinister plan to win over the love of Red his Imposter

[Made With Permission]

Thanks to ChuDraws for letting me dub their amazing comics for this video they are amazing, go follow them here!

☆White played by me :D
☆Red played by the amazing Kat follow her below:
☆Black played by Me Russian me lol

Edited by the amazing Maria Ann follow her here:

We hit 500k subscribers thank you all so much, I have allot planned to celebrate, some great news gonna be doing allot of Godzilla Vs SCP creatures in the Godzilla Puppet/Movies so stay tuned coming soon, also I plan to do allot more live action stuff. I want this channel to be more what it is, so lets make it something special and bigger and better then ever.

Gonna be working on allot of new stuff besides the Godzilla puppet project, also gonna be doing some Minecraft comic dubs, as long as you guys like them including Merryweathers stuff, until I am asked to stop lol. But in the mean time plenty more Godzilla KOTM, Godzilla Vs Kong, Friday Night Funkin, Genshin Impact, Steven Universe Gone Wrong, some Friday the 13th comic dubs and so much more coming very soon so stay tuned and be ready I have some awesome plans for this summer!

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