Monster School : RICH Poor Baby Herobrine LOVE CURSE Challenge Bad Zombie Girls Minecraft Animation

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Monster School : RICH Poor Baby Herobrine LOVE CURSE Apocalypse Challenge Bad Zombie Girls Life vs Boys in Funny Minecraft Animation Sad Story with Family vs Family .

In the new video for minecraft animation new apocalypse called love curse apocalypse challenge in which the difference between girls vs boys, rich poor baby herobrine and his friends good poor baby zombie also his sister skeleton and brother enderman and friend creeper fight against the witch who will make the world of monster school love story and conjured love curse apocalypse and arrange various challenges for them. The herobrine family as well as the zombie parents including bad mother will help against love in sad story and the difference between family vs family. Bad girls will do their best to catch up with the good boys with a happy ending and this is all you will see in this funny minecraft animation with The minecraft life . All episodes of best minecraft animation can be viewed below, thanks for the idea for the video Big School by his friend Xdshool and also another MinePaw thanks for the idea!

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2 Episode -
3 Episode -

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