Larva ( Season 3) Cartoons????Movies 2020 | New Animation Movies 2020 ???? Cartoon Comedy 2020

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Larva ( Season 3) Cartoons????Movies 2020 | New Animation Movies 2020 ???? Cartoon Comedy 2020

???? Season 1-Drain Storm ????
Two strange larvae that live under red and yellow, a storm drain, find many surprises that fall from the outside world into the underground universe. For these two messy friends, something is a good excuse to have fun. See the world from a red and yellow perspective and experience how dangerous and exciting it is for these little friends.

Season 2 - House ????
He wants to explore the world with red and yellow squats in an old house sandwiched between skyscrapers in a big city. Exploring your new home and meeting new creatures means more laughter for the comic duo. Sometimes they fight. From time to time, they find themselves in trouble. A story of two cute and cheerful larvae.

???? Season 3-New York ????
Now it's New York. Discover the incredible powers of red and yellow as you explore the city. A huge new adventure! An exciting story of the survival of two little nymphs in New York.

???? CHAR character
???? Yellow ????
Yellow is a weak and lucky yellow larva with an antenna. Yellow is always abused by red, but it does not jeopardize friendship. Usually he follows Red, but loses his head in front of the food.
❤️ red ❤️
Red is a soft, greedy red larva. His specialty is screaming and kicking like Bruce Lee. He always shows and abuses yellow, but he often gets hurt.
???? Violet ????
Violet is a large ghost slug. Sometimes it is shown with the lower half of the body buried in the ground. When he is threatened, he exposes his whole body and makes a roar.
???? Brown ????
Brown is a strange manure beetle that collects feces. For him, poop is his food or his treasure. When other insects touch the precious dung, he hates it. His right cheek has long hair.
⚫️ Black ⚫️
Black is a horned atlas beetle, which has high strength and generally pierces cocoons (used as punching bags). It is aggressive and affects those who think it is bullying. In "Hello, black", he was found as a slug that used a beetle.
???? rainbow
The rainbow is a snail with red and green shells. When in his shell, he is slow to act, under which he has a human body like muscles and is able to act like a human.
???? Rose ????
Rosa is a pink larva with two antennae. She is the only regular female character. She loves yellow, but red loves her. She hides a lot of power behind her pretty and handsome face.
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