Dream’s Mask Song Got Cancelled…

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► Dream’s Mask Song Got Cancelled…

So Dream’s New Song Got Cancelled, Well It Looks Like Twitter Is Back at It Again, Twitter is Mad at Dream, And Dream Was Cancelled, Now your Probably wondering Why Dream Got Cancelled, Well Dream Released a Sneak Peak Of His New Song Mask, And people On Twitter Got mad a Dream For This, Now i Watched Dreams New Song Mask, And i don't understand Why People are Mad at Dream, Like Dream Literally Did Nothing Wrong at all, Twitter is stupid, They keep cancelling Dream Over Nothing, Now This isn't The First Time Dream Was Cancelled, Dream Got Cancelled For His Music Before, In fact Dream was Cancelled For His song Mask Before, People on twitter Got mad at Dreams Mask Song Because he swore in it, Which i just think is Stupid, People also Said That Dreams Music is Bad, Or That Dream Should quit Music, Which i don't think he should, Like Dreams Music isnt That Bad, So This is Why Dreams Mask Song Was Cancelled, And The Dream Drama Explained

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