2005-2009 Mustang V6 Nxt Step Performance Axle-Back Exhaust Review & Install

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The distinctive growl of a powerful muscle car is an impressive sound to hear. With the Nxt Step Performance Axle-Back Exhaust you can upgrade your Mustang’s axle-back to give it an earth-shaking rumble. This kit doesn’t produce any annoying whine or drone, only a pure, quality growl.

Race-Quality Performance. The Nxt Step Performance Axle-Back Exhaust is designed to increase exhaust flow, with its free-flowing tubing and mufflers. This allows the Mustang to draw out more horsepower and torque for a significant performance boost.

Stainless Steel Construction. Nxt Step Performance made this Axle-Back Exhaust to be as free-flowing as possible, using mandrel-bent piping to avoid uneven bends that can sap the exhaust flow. Additionally, precision welds ensure leak-free connections. The tips come with a mirror-like polish for attractive good looks.

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